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Mission Statement

"My goal is to never give up on my dream, I know putting even 1% more effort than everyone else in a day can make a huge difference.

To make young me proud and make sure his dream comes to fruition is my ambition."


Our Beliefs

I believe being grateful for every opportunity to chase my dream is crucial to remain planted and focused in the long run. I am one to try to put a twist on everything I do to make it into something I or others will find amusing and believe in not taking things too seriously.

In saying that, I also believe that nothing in this world comes easy and that if we want something in this world, we have to work, hard and consistently to get there.

I take pride in my brand and am thoroughly enjoying the process of building it from the ground up. Day by day, more knowledge is being picked up and processed to plan how to make my mark on this industry and not let my younger self's dream die!